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i made creamy organic raspberry, sweet potato, peach and malaysian coconut soup infused with cardamom and lemon (the lemon was found in a student accommodation bin, ngl lol) :o i'm eating it cold for breakfast <3 it's so rich and full of flavour. it's good with raw vegan provencale 'bread' too. yesterday morning i went for an interview for my cube writing placement. it wasn't bad since i knew the woman who was interviewing me from writer's group. then in town i couldn't resist buying a slice of freshly made vegan raspberry rosewater cake, i so love the woman who made that for selling freaking vegan raspberry cake on a little stall. i guess you could say yesterday was a good day but i feel depressed.
the only thing i am reaaally greedy for is raspberry rolls. good reason to go freegan yo. i wonder if i could find some in the waitrose dumpster. idk where they have the supermarket dumps in the uk though, perhaps i'm just very unobservant? in case it's not obvious i've been feeling pretty mood-swingy. :/ technically i could just make my own raspberry fruit leather, but i like the cutesy packaging.. and i feel like i should buy it to support the company since not everyone has the time to make their own. idk you know i don't feel like i'm as into routines as a lot of people, like my mum she buys the same groceries every week, she barely ever tries anything new. but raspberries and black cotton jeans, i don't really see a too big amount for those things, but most other things i like the variety 

Jul. 19th, 2011

 biting a moldy tomato ;_;
 so spirulina is like the healthiest food ever but also the grossest. i feel like such a traitor to the earthy vegan movement lol
 menstrualcramps followed me back and i don't even feel a thang


is this a model? that makes me sad. i want her legs.
 raspberry-peach melba coconut oil smoothie recipe :o
 going to play on words for rice now

Jun. 30th, 2011

 tan emailed me =DDD
 oh my god ;_; i hate humanity
 just reading an article about civil rights for transgender people in america
 'In a recent study of transgender students, nearly half said they'd been "punched, kicked, or injured with a weapon" at least once in the  past year. On average, a transgender person is murdered because of their identity every month, according to the Transgender Legal  Defense and Education Fund. In 2008, for instance, Angie Zapata, an 18-year-old Colorado woman, was bludgeoned to death with a fire  extinguisher when her attacker--- a man she met through a social-networking site--- realized that she was born male.' i've overheard a guy  with that attitude before, that he'd hit a trans-woman who he thought was a cis-woman during a sexual encounter. transgender people are not  obligated to reveal their identity to cis-people. 
i could cry and cry for the oppression girls and women, especially trans-girls/trans-women face. fuck anyone who says that feminism is not a relevant movement. anti-feminists are such a waste of oxygen. 
 my girlie is so sad and stressed out atm :( i'm making butternut squash, sweet potato & apple soup for my grandad tomorrow. serving it with butternut squash, apricot, goats cheese + nut 'wellington' so that there's enough food for him to think that a vegetarian meal will be amply nourishing